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tv   ABC2 News at 6PM  ABC  October 21, 2009 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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had been cancelled. >> reporter: they said they sent a letter. they are waiting to get it. in fact citi is advertising for more customers, even a credit card for people like them who pay their bills on time. >> i think that they are eliminating the people who pay their bills on time. and who they are not making a lot of money from over the limit fees or late payment fees or even huge interest fees. >> reporter: why would a bank cut off credit to a customer that pays their bills on time? citi will only say it reserves the right to change of terms of any credit card agreement. however, citi isn't the only bank. this is happening to on-time paying customers a lot. more than 9,70000complaints came into the better business bureau. >> they are now positioning themselves to take advantage of us now because they are not going to be able to later. >> reporter: barnett says creditors are now trying to protect their risk and still
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make profit before the laws change. cards that give rewards cost lenders money because they have to give you something back. she says you have little recourse to fight the bank but you can protect your credit rating. >> you need to call the bank or your creditor and ask your creditor to code that cancellation at the request of the customer. that is one piece of advice you might want to consider. so that the customer, it's not driven by the creditor saying there's a risk here. >> reporter: barnett also advises monitoring your credit report constantly because a bank's attempt to beat new federal laws could beat down your credit score. in baltimore, roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. another round of federal consumer credit laws goes into effect in february. among them a measure that requires banks to give you 45 days' notice before they close an account. walter brooks was the kind of kid who stood out in the crowd. the popular anne arundel county teenager has died and now his family is blaming the swine
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flu. the 18-year-old graduate of north county high school in glen burnie died after battling a brief illness. his family posted updates on the internet saying brooks was dealing with the h1n1 flu. had battled pneumonia, even had to have his legs amputated. brooks was a well known student, a former member of the marching band and drama club. >> i don't believe this is for real. i wasn't a believer until now. i thought that the media was kind of playing this up a little more than it was, and here i had a very healthy son. now has been taken from me because of this. >> we're going to hear more from walter's parents tonight at 11:00. school officials say they don't know the cause of death but walter's parents say doctors at the university of maryland medical center told them he did have the swine flu. the state health department still can't confirm whether swine flu is to blame. we'll keep you posted. long lines of people hoping
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to get vaccinated against the h1n1 and the seasonal flu. continued today. a clinic was held at the baltimore hebrew congregation on park heights avenue in northwest baltimore. they ran out of the shot but health officials knew they only had a limited supply. so first priority went to pregnant women, young people ages 6 to 24. those with chronic l illnesses and health care workers and adults caring for kids under 6 months old. many clinics in our area are seeing shortages of the vaccine. many people packed rockville's clinic before the doors open at 9:00. many people even camped out overnight. the early birds were surprised so many others had the same idea. the cdc says production of the vaccine is behind schedule and that means tight supply all around the region. the cdc says vaccines are being shipped out in batches as it's being manufactured but doesn't expect widespread availability until mid-november.
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and today in baltimore county stevenson university provided free h1n1 vaccinations to its students. the clinic took place between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. at the cave sports and wellness center. when we arrived before 11200 students had already been -- 11:00, 200 students had already been vaccinated. >> we'll see how many students come today and then we'll offer another clinic so we can meet the needs of the other students that weren't able to come. >> the school held seasonal flu clinics in september. stevenson university in owings mills has more than 3,000 students. the state does have an interactive map that does allow you to find both seasonal and h1n1 flu clinics in your neighborhood. we've posted a link to that map on our web site. there's also an article on foods that might help you fight the flu or other illnesses. log on to this story is pretty amazing. baltimore county police have created a facial
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coreconstruction in the hopes you may be able to help identify a woman found dead 13 years ago. her skeletal remains were discovered on falls road south of gunpowder road in march of 1996. computer enhanced images were previously developed to assist detectives in trying to identify the woman. last week a forensic artist created this model using the skull that was found. >> we don't even know that this is a murder or just what this is. the autopsy was inconclusive as to the cause of death. >> police say the woman is african-american, believed to be between the ages of 17 and 23. and just over five feet tall. they say she had a small blemish on the right side of her skull that may have been a hereditary trait, caused by surgery or an accident. if you have information you're asked to call metro crime stoppers at 1-866-7-lockup. and maryland state police say the tv show "fugitive files" helped lead officers to a wanted man. authorities say 37-year-old
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sean garrison was arrested at his joppa home for allegedly assaulting a harford county woman and stealing her car september 7 a two weeks later someone saw the profile on the show and called police. police need your help tracking down a burglary suspect. authorities say 16-year-old brian shepherd is considered armed and dangerous. police say october 12th he forced his way into a home on lake brook circle in halethorpe, showed a gun and took property from the people inside. investigators say shepherd has since threatened to kill the victims. if you have information about whereabouts, call 1-866-7-lockup. just a terrific october day of weather around here. temperatures well into the mid to upper 70s in some spots. now we cooled off a little bit but still 70s in rockville, alexandria and west as you head toward frederick. many other spots cooled down into the upper 60s including
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glen burnie and annapolis now 64. centreville still at 70. satellite pictures now showing just a crystal clear sky over the entire state. as you head west, way west, you do find more cloud cover but no rain anywhere in the region. it will be dry, clear and cold tonight, down to 50 degrees. another terrific-looking day of weather. on the way for us thursday. i'll talk more about that in a couple, as well as rain by the weekend. fire code violations threaten to shut down a harford county business just months after county inspectors gave it their seal of approval. an inspector with the state fire marshal's office discovered problems in the 360-degree custom detail shop on pulaski highway in joppa. the owners received their permits in march and say business has been booming but a re-inspection from the basement turned up charred beams from a long ago fire and improper
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ventilation. >> we're going to lose our business. ultimately end up losing our home. lose our means of living. >> the mcgills have a five-year lease but say the owner hadn't responded to the request to make the repairs. the county isn't commenting on why inspectors failed to turn up the problems before the business opened claiming it's all still under investigation. acorn is back in the news. a republican lawmaker is calling for a justice department investigation into the community group. the association of community organizations for reform now has been under fire for quite some time. the group is under investigation in several states including maryland. this comes after hidden camera videos surfaced including one shot in baltimore. they apparently show acorn staff members advising a couple posing as a pimp and prostitute how to cheat on their taxes. >> acorn is a corrupt criminal enterprise. that is the conclusion of the july 23rd report.
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but we couldn't crack into that without hanna and james because they had the insight to go in those buildings and present themselves as, i'll just say, a pimp and prostitute. we have to look inside acorn to see the character and the culture behind those doors in five cities. >> both congress and the irs have severed all ties with acorn and so has bank of america. it's a move that could help clear the way for a slots parlor in baltimore city. the board of estimates approved land development and lease agreements with baltimore city entertainment group for a voter-approved video lottery terminal facility. it would be built in south baltimore. >> hoping for a first-class facility which we expect to deliver to the citizens of the city. it will have 3,750 machines. there will be a substantial economic impact for the city.
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roughly $41,000 for 4,000 people. tax deduction of roughly eight cents. >> according to the agreement by the fifth year the if a siment will generate -- facility will generate an estimated $25 million annually in new city revenue. a state commission is also approved a license for 1,500 slots in cecil county. the venue is located in perryville, i-95 and route 222. the commission voted unanimously to award a license to penn cecil. they hope to have machines in operation by late neck year. a piece of baltimore. it's your story, maybe your grandparents. a local link with ellis island and the old country. monitoring your water today? we found people doing that. we'll tell you why. and it was a beautiful day, great evening out there. 71 degrees. still in westminster, why it's coming up with -- wyatt is coming up with the full forecast.
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this could be your story. so why not tell it? when your family came over from the old country either you landed at ellis island or came through the ports of fells point or locust point. tonight abc2 news jamie costello takes to us a piece of baltimore that is trying to hold on to its history. >> reporter: this is where you came from. >> my grandfather and my grandmother came here as immigrants themselves. >> reporter: this is where
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your history began. >> we played hide and seek there. and i would wander through the rooms and just imagine being one of the kids who had come over. >> reporter: this is where the walls are talking. >> it's a secret that has been kept too long. >> reporter: in baltimore we know it as the immigration house in locust point. it's next door neighbor, the united church of christ. you will find that the years have not been kind to the house and that the church has grown up but now it's getting younger with so many moving into locust point. >> it's great because two and a half years ago the youngest person in our church was getting ready to be confirmed. she was about 13. >> reporter: it's the reverend's prayer and joanne's prayer to turn these buildings into history lessons you'll see names on sheets from the 1930s. baltimore names you recognized. baptisms from the beginning. >> it's a story that is your story. and baltimore's story.
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so many people can find out the history of their grandfather and not only that they came through here but how hurricane nights they stayed, what -- how many nights they stayed, what room they stayed in. what they ate for zinner almost. >> reporter: restoring the history is so important to joanne, so much so when her father suffered a stroke she built a ramp for him at the church. >> we put the ramp out, a gentleman was looking for a church, in an electric wheelchair, he justed stopped in, talked to the minister one day and has been here pretty much every sunday since. >> reporter: when you get this letter inviting you to the church service you'll find free admission to the american visionary art museum, doggy day care, the cupcake, and there's something in the back here. it's underlined. get involved. and bringing these buildings back to life would be a history-saver. >> it's really important for each of those, to me, for each of those to say here's our
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history, here's what happened when we came over. >> this is where we came from, where our history began. the walls are telling us to save our past. in locust point, jamie costello, abc2 news. >> doesn't that make you want to go there now? well, next week locust point will be holding its oktoberfest. you can go to for more information on how to save the immigrant house and historic church in locust point. i thought today was perfection. >> i mean, you're thinking about oktoberfest, watching that but you think it's sort of a chillier scenario. not today. >> the trees are turning. it's beautiful out. >> nice color on the trees. another warm day tomorrow. get out in the sunshine while we have it.
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take a look at our 2-degree guarantee for today, 67 degrees. blew that out of the water. we made it to 75. i don't think anybody's complaining about that. when you see some of the old records, up closer to 90. right now temperaturewise 67 degrees at bwi marshall. still on this late october evening, nice pleasant south breeze and very low humidity. that is the difference. mid-70s today and basically no humidity out there. maryland's most powerful doppler radar crystal clear. there's nothing out there. clean sweep across the board. closest rainfall, you have to get out towards like kentucky to find any rain. so we are in a major dry slide across the east coast that will hang on for another day or two. highs this afternoon up into the mid-70s in many spots. a few upper 70s in western maryland out towards winchester. they topped out 76 this afternoon. atlantic city 75. even ocean city up above 70 this afternoon. we cooled off just a little now. a dropping no the upper 60s in most spots. 67 for bwi marshall also finding 66 in the eastern
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shore. at easton. 65 up in york. crystal clear out there. i mean, not just in terms of the radar sweep but no cloud cover. none. i mean, this is going to be a star-gazer's dream tonight. and i think we're going to see clear conditions lasting into most of the day tomorrow. we finally push toward friday and things begin to change. this is our weather -- fair weather maker here, up and down the east coast. huge cell of high pressure, big ridge holding back any wet weather but there is major wet weather as you head well west out towards central plains, going to take a couple days to head our way. forecast model now show you that as you go through time. nice and clear tonight. cool start tomorrow morning, around 50. you'll see that temperature bounce up nicely into the upper 70s by late in the afternoon. maybe a few more clouds sneak in by late thursday. the more significant changes in the weather begin to come in late friday. you see it here on the forecast map. big swath of precipitation, this is our storm front pushing
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across the area overnight friday. friday evening plans probably look pretty good but end of the day saturday you'll notice big changes, rain on the way, probably wind, one nice thing with this particular october storm system, no major cold air behind it. 50 degrees overnight tonight. mostly clear, cool, good-looking weather scenario. lots of blue sky again tomorrow. a few clouds in the afternoon, 77 degrees especially downtown. it will be warm by late october standards. then here's that 7-day forecast for you. the trend here, a bit cooler as we push in to friday. also watch for clouds and the chance of rain late friday night. saturday looks like a rainy day for our weekend plans but we clear out sunday and into the mid-60s, really not bad, temperatures there will start to feel a little more like oktoberfest as we go toward early next week. you may not know it but this is world water monitoring day. and today maryland department of environment officials and a group of students from digital harbor high school marked the occasion by testing water in the inner harbor.
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the advanced placement biology and environmental science students collected samples. they will review the results of their work on-line and compare findings with those of other students. >> we're okaying with the students as a -- we're working with the students as part of world water monitoring day. a worldwide effort to familiarize, especially students but everyone in more generally with water quality monitoring, the need to do that, the benefits of doing it, how it factors into decisionmaking. >> world water monitoring day recognizes the anniversary of the u.s. clean water act. let's look again at the water at the inner harbor. lovely night for a sail, even if you're using you're motor. why -- wyatt will come back with the final forecast. the temperature from westminster dropped by a degree. 70 now. we'll be right back.
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four ways to save on some things so you can splurge where it matters more. and windex all in one? promises great shine without rubbing but does it really work? what our tests revealed. log on to and click on our "financial survival guide." gas prices are on their way up. so are handheld airfares. -- holiday airfares. what to do to not waste your money. the parents of a teen from anne arundel county are speaking out after their son dies, they believe, after contracting the h1n1 flu. hear what they have to say tonight at 11:00. one last check of the forecast. a pleasant evening out there. as we move into thursday expect another beautiful day. into the upper 70s we go. now, things will begin to change on friday and into the weekend. watch out for some rain as it moves in during the day saturday. >> thank you, wyatt. that is it for abc2 news at 6:00 as well. i'm marybeth marsden. thank you for joining us. back tonight at 11:00. hope to see you then. enjoy this wonderful night.
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